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Re: Free Cloud Storage for online backup (so far 48.75 Gb's free)

Originally Posted by lnando84 View Post
I would post it for ya but i'm not sure if it'll work because our devices aren't exactly the same..ex: I'm running a 2.3.4 custom rom(synergy) and am afraid it might mess something else up on your device if all other info doesn't match up.

Which file explorer app are you using? If your using root explorer, once in the system folder you'll see across the top of the screen "mounted as r/o" with a "mount r/w" button right next to it. Click the mount r/w button to make it read/writable and try again. If that doesn't work I'll set up an account for ya.

Edit: just signed ya up for an account..check pm for more info!!
Thats what it was. Read Only Vs Re Writable. U R Da Man.

One other question. Just to make sure I understand.

Now that I edited the file to an LG device, even tho I have an HTC Evo 3D. I'm rooted but running stock rom. I should re edit the file back to original? Or I can delete the edited file, and replace with original or back up that I made of it. Is this correct?
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