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Re: replacing the cracked screen on htc arrive ?

Originally Posted by wud_e View Post
Got it to work Thanks for your thread!! Took me an Hour. The Hair Dryer is Very awkward to hold while trying to pry the glass off. First I thought I had to take all of the shards off then I saw it was glued to another peice. I got scared at first because I though I was ripping the top layer of the LCD screen then went down stairs to look at my replacement screen and noticed what I needed to take off was the glass and the screen it is attached to. Pretty easy though! Thanks again.
I just held the hair dryer on it long enough to get the glue (which lines the perimeter of the digitizer) soft. i could then set it down and go to work sliding the too along the underside edge of the glass to get it separated from the LCD.
i too was scared i was peeling a layer of the LCD but alas i don't even think that's possible after seeing it with the glass digitizer removed.

Originally Posted by wud_e View Post
Good to know you had a good experience. WMPowerusers has a new rumor that the Nokia ACE is coming with LTE to Verizon and AT&T late January. that makes the switch even more likely for me.
an executive that i know at Sprint told me off the record that they would be getting a new windows phone end of January.
That seems likely if Verizzon is saying they will have one in Jan since both Sprint and Verizon use CDMA instead of GSM used by AT&T and most of the rest of the world. this is the primary reason at&t gets phones before verizon and sprint.
Most producers initially build for gsm and then build for cdma ( kind of like when developers would build for windows and then later build for Macs - GSM is simply more widely used)
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