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Re: Mango quirks - Do you have any?

So I just did a hard reset on my phone because I was getting fed up with some of the things it was doing. I've been using it for about 30 minutes trying to set things back up and it is STILL not capitilizing the first letter in text boxes (randomly, sometimes it does, but most of the time it doesn't). When I'm in text, I'll click in the text box and it won't be capitilized. Then I hit backspace and it will capitilize the letter. It's like there is an imaginoary space in there.

Yes, capitilze the first letter is turned on in settings.

I have noticed it is faster. I don't have any apps on yet though. I haven't noticed any other quirks yet though that I previously did. Cross your fingers!

Oh, and when you hard reset, don't forget that favorites do not sync. I completely forgot (still used to microsoft myphone which did sync them) and I lost ALL my favorites. No big deal, I don't think I lost anything important.
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