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Re: [[Speed Improvements]] Brainstorming & Testing Thread!!


I really like this thread... I am very tired so I may have missed it in this thread but there are a few things I didn't see that should help speed Android up... These basically center around starting with a better base... These are not Android tweaks per se but because they speed up android by giving it a better foundation I thought you may want to include them in your speed tread...

The first thing I want to try is losing less to begin with to Windows Mobile... From our thread on SprintUsers the recommendation is to start with a stripped down WM6.1 ROM. The current recommended ROM is Calkin's Stripped down ROM for Android:

Anyone disagree with this train of thought and/or have a better ROM recommendation?

The other recommendation I didn't see, also along the lines of starting with a better base, is getting a faster SD card and it may be the newer larger read optimized cards are maybe NOT better:


Lastly, I am not a Windows Mobile guy and am confused on changing ROMs and HSPLs and such.

If anyone can throw me a bone and point me toward easy instructions to changing the ROM on my Sprint TP2 I would really appreciate it.

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