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Unhappy sprint pre --> cricket = :(

So Ive been researching and doing things for days now and I still cant figure this out. I honestly think Ive ****ed things up for myself because I gave myself a toy with immense power and did some things I shouldnt have. But thats hardly the point now. Rather, Im trying to figure out how to fix it and make things normal again.

I have a palm pre I wanted on cricket so my girlfriend could have a better phone. Read up on the guides, downloaded the rom's, edited some files, got things going and ready to roll. I decided to do an ESN swap because I had done it to my Epic 4g and it was a cakewalk.

So. The process went something like this.

Downloaded PalmPre_Rom_qinray_1.0.3.treo8 rom.
Installed rom
Booted up, got profile using wifi
Developer mode enabled
USB passthrough enabled
Loaded into QXDM/QPST - got my SPC
(heres where things get interesting)
Changed ESN/MEID (old sprint info -> new cricket info from her old cricket phone)
updated PRL to new cricket PRL
(then I got cocky)
Updated to 1.4.5 WebOS
Everything seemed to work fine, but in QXDM the MEID/ESN were off. So I ran the script again.

And thats where I ****ed myself (methinks). I wrote over some of the memory addresses from 1.4.5 using the old locations from 1.0.3.

Now the Pre is stuck. I cant NVedit ANYTHING in QXDM, as all of the ESN/MEID things are stuck in read-only and I cant fix any of them. Wont let me write to those locations no matter WHAT rom Im in.

Now my question is this - can I get those back? A bunch of WebOS Doctor restores from 1.0.3 to 1.3.5 to 1.4.1 and nothing seems to be fixed.

So I guess I need a COMPLETE NVitem back up...but the problem is, I dont have one because Im dumb and didnt make one. Can I get someone else's pre and do a backup from that? Can I download one online from some nice awesome person that could make one and send it to me?

I guess in the long run Im not THAT hosed, as its just a backup phone, but in the end, I DID want it to be a WORKING backup phone, not just a half-assed PDA.

So, any information would be awesome, as Im gonna be posting this on a NUMBER of other forums.

Thanks for all of the help.
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