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Question Help me choose a custom ROM!

There are so many options and I have major custom ROM overload! I found great links to a few custom ROMs that have been posted and I needed some "experience" help in deciding which one will be best for me.

Below is a list of "must have" items or items I use on a daily basis.

Fully functional e-mail, contact, and calendar through Microsoft Exchange Server - this is a MUST because I use my phone for business as well as personal.

Ability to have up to four quick links in the bottom menu bar. I currently have the following icons that I use constantly - Phone, Contacts, Text Messaging, Applications. Everything else is accessed through home screen icons.

Compatability with current downloaded Android Apps. I need to have two apps working - 1. Biblegateway widget on one of my home screens. 2. XXXWatch accountability software on my phone (required for my ministry at church).

Audio/Video Capabilities I listen to a lot of music on my phone as watch movies from time to time while traveling or at the gym. I would like to keep this functionality or maybe improve the sound.

Optional items I would like but not required.

Better Battery Usage - I currently go through a fully charged batter in less than 6 hours. I would like to have this improved, maybe by removing CIQ?

Removal of CIQ - if this truly affects batter life, then I would like to have it removed.

Removal of Bloatware - again, optional, but why have all that Sprint crap on my phone when I never use it!

These are the four custom ROMs I am thinking of installing:

Rom Name: [ROM]Mostly Stock EI22 | Update 4 11/12 | (Added Extended Power Menu)
Developer: xBTx
Location: xda developers


Rom Name: [ROM][EI22][ERA] Legendary ROM Beta.4.0 | NoCIQ
Developer: hoffman1984
Location: xda developers


Rom Name: [ROM] [EI22] [CWM] CleanGB
Developer: toadlife
Location: xda developers


Rom Name: [ROM][CWM][EI22] SleeperROM 1.0.01 No CiQ, Stockish-CRT-Overscroll,HotSpot Fix
Developer: SenseiSimple
Location: xda developers


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