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Re: What part of WP7 do you guys like? Sell me on WP7 :P

i got your pm eric

From the description of how you use the phone, it really sounds like it may not be suited for me mainly because I dont use the phone for those things. It maybe I've just not had a "smart" phone experience but I don't need to look up movies on my phone nor scan bar codes. I don't have a facebook account (well I do but don't use it) so I don't need to chat on there. I can see your point about the tiles maybe, sounds like something I'd have to try for myself

sounds like i wont be able say if i'll like it or not without trying it so if I do see a cheap wp7 phone somewhere I'll grab at it, worst case is i don't like it and then I'll put it back on craigslist or somewhere and sell it for what I got it for lol.

thanks for the input, now if only economics of a new phone fall into a price range i can agree with just to be testing it

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