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What part of WP7 do you guys like? Sell me on WP7 :P

Because of eric12341 well 90% lol, anyways I'm starting to get interested in WP7 as well. So far I've only owned the TP2 and played with android on it. I've had an evo (no service) before and played with it as a mini-tablet as well. I have an ipad for the iOS experience. So that's my background of the 3 OSes.

Anyways what about the WP7 sold you guys? Playing with it in the store and watching it on youtube, the live tiles aren't just selling me on the whole WP7 so I'm hoping there is more to it than some tiles. I know about the social media/facebook integration but I don't have those so that's also a moot point for me. Is there anything else to look forward to in WP7? All I could find online that reviews WP7 mostly just talks about these two points and I'm hoping there is more to it than this for me to consider WP7. The main things selling me on Android are the apps (I know WP7 just needs time for that but I don't have "time" to wait since I can switch later on anyways)
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