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Re: Has Anyone Managed to Get This on The Verizon PrePaid Plan?

Originally Posted by fixxxer2008 View Post
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Id watch out for those 3rd party companies. Stick with the big ones.
Well Page Plus Cellular is a 3rd party, and I was completely satisfied with them, just left cause of the limited data. I'd really advise anyone against metroPCS Flashing, once a phone is flashed it's damn near impossible to rebrand it back to the original service provider...

I'm waiting and hoping ReachOut Wireless comes out with a unlimited everything plan, I doubt they're going to anytime soon they're one of 3 government funded cellphone companies ya know free service if ya get social security or food stamps. But I don't see them having an unlimited everything plan anytime soon. Plus not to mention Shaka uses Sprint and Verizon towers, how can ya go wrong with that?

What are some Verizon MVNO's you'd suggest with Unlimited everything? I don't wanna get tied into a contract.

Or maybe AT&T Prepaid unlimited everything... 50 a month, how hard is it to unlock them sim card and set up the web and mms?

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