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Re: replacing the cracked screen on htc arrive ?

Well i went ahead and replaced my screen. took me about 2 hours but i wasted a lot of that time locating tools etc.

i decided to figure out how to do it in case i break it again.i suspect next time will take me about 1/2 hour.

gluing the new glass while keeping the LCD under the glass dust free and keeping the new glass dust free is the hardest part.

I used Pbankey's excellent guide on this site to take the back half of the phone apart - if anyone can tell me how, i will link to it

i followed this thread which bri3d commented in to take aprt the actual screen
Replacing screen. - xda-developers

i took lots of pics and have some advice if anyone wants to give it a shot PM me.

if i can figure out how, i will upload some pics if anyone wants them

i ended up buying my Glass (digitizer) from Amazon for around $30

these guys had the best price i could find to have you screen repaired for around $85
HTC Arrive Cracked Touch Screen Repair Service - iRepairNational
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