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Re: T-mobile Q3 results

Originally Posted by Riley View Post
Let's try to be a little realistic. The iphone is the most popular device in the world. Sprint needed to offer it to maintain some inkling of relevance as a top 3 carrier in the US and they needed a hail mary. We don't know exactly what Sprint's investment was either so it's pure speculation to assume they blew their budget. Tmobile is most likely gone(ATT) so why bother offering it. Sprint's network problems were around before the iphone as you can attest to since you mention it often. Sure ATT had issues because they did not properly prepare for the network congestion, however, Verizon did and the iphone gets high marks as a consequence. Who knows if Sprint prepared for the congestion but that's on them. Please let's just stop blaming everything on the iphone. Sprint's network sucks because they dropped half their towers earlier this year as gten has mentioned several times. The investment they made on the Iphone may end up saving the company along with quickly implementing network vision but they need customers to do that which the iphone will most likely address. You don't need to be a fan of Apple to recognize and justify the business case for it release on Sprint.
it's true that I was having problems before the iPhone came along but since it did my speeds got even worse and now I'm seeing reduced speeds in other places too, sprint did not properly prepare for the iPhone and the iPhoners will not stick around as quite a few of them have already returned them and went to ATT or VZ, u can go on the sprint community forums and look if u don't believe me. All the returns are bound to cost some money and that's why sprint is like $6b short with apple.
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