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Re: [[Speed Improvements]] Brainstorming & Testing Thread!!

Originally Posted by arrrghhh View Post
If you already have a rootfs, there's no fool-proof way that I can think of off the top of my head. I'd just go to the rootfs autobuild and then you'll know for sure.
From the rootfs autobuild log and the date code of the FRX07.1 bundle, I would guess the older rootfs.img file was from 8/31. However, it could be the 9/2 version since there is a note about lowering the SD readahead buffer to 256kb, which mine was originally. The newer rootfs.img is definitely from 10/19.

Looking through the rootfs autobuild log between those dates, the only entry I see that may be related to memory is from 9/30/11: fixup /dev/block/ramzswap0 creation
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