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Re: [[Speed Improvements]] Brainstorming & Testing Thread!!

After a few days of use, I've been very pleased with the performance improvement. I've had no 'mini-resets', even with two major app update cycles, so the SD card setting must be good, or it could be a combination of that setting and increased memory.

The only issue I had was two instances of the device 'sleeping to death'. I was running an app in the foreground in both instances and let it sit long enough to turn the screen off. In one instance the device went to sleep (green LED) and would not wake up. In another instance, the screen turned off, but the LED was orange, and the screen would not turn back on. I gave the device over 5 minutes to respond in each case before pulling the battery. I will change my V6 SuperCharger Update 9 beta script setting to the mid-512 Mb level to see if that resolves the problem.

Another strange issue that I discovered is that when I switched from the 9/14/11 rootfs.img to the 10/19/11 rootfs.img my initial free memory dropped from ~81 Mb to ~43 Mb. I switched back and forth between rootfs files several times to confirm, and even re-ran the V6 SuperCharger script again with the new rootfs, but there was always a discrepancy. It was as if the V6 SuperCharger script wasn't effective with the new rootfs. I will stick with the old rootfs until we understand what's causing that.

Update: With the mid-512 Mb setting in V6 SuperCharger (and 9/14 rootfs), I'm starting with ~77 Mb free. Still very good!
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