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Re: [BUILD] **Complete FroYo Bundle** FRX07.1 - Maintenance Release

Originally Posted by Sc/ant864 View Post
Good advice, I figured juicedefender might be a battery hog. Did you dl Zeam from the market or apk? And did you remove the stock launcher after adding Zeam?
I dl'ed Zeam from the Market. Stock launcher is still installed but Zeam is set as default. I ran into a problem pre-FRX06 where I uninstalled the default launcher before getting the new one set as default... Totally hosed my system, had to start from scratch. Ever since then I just leave it installed.

I honestly don't see a need to OC with Zeam, the system is pretty snappy most of the time. The only time I notice slowdowns is when Market is installing something in the "background", it seems to momentarily bring everything to a halt.

I added Battery Left awhile back and after tweaking my sync settings it's reporting my battery life at ~ 21.5 hours. Not too shabby.
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