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Thumbs down Re: [BUILD] **Complete FroYo Bundle** FRX07.1 - Maintenance Release

Originally Posted by yappering View Post
In keeping on topic. I installed Froyo 7.1 on my TP2. Battery life is horrible. Even on the charger, the screen wont turn on and I will have to remove the battery and restart everyday. I have Juice Defender running with that script recommended to save battery life.
Also over clocking at 712 with using juice defender to set idle cpu at 245. The thing still dies every day just sitting idle off the charger. I think i have limited syncing to every hour. Any thoughts?
Stop OC'ing, dump JuiceDefender, install the latest kernel and rootfs (newer than what is in the bundle) and install Zeam launcher in place of the stock launcher. If you want to limit which apps use data install DroidWall too.

With that setup my phone gets 20+ hours on a single change (6am - 12am). I have two pop mail accounts syncing in addition to the usual G stuff. Talk time is minimal (< 20 minutes average), but I just went on a GPS bender yesterday (1.5hrs of use) and it didn't seem to impact battery life horribly.

Start over, update everything and then keep it basic until you get a baseline.
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