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replacing the cracked screen on htc arrive ?

Unlike many smartphones out there, thankfully our Arrive's have a glass screen that is separate from the under lying LCD screen instead of a combined unit.

this separate glass layer is referred to as the Digitizer and sends touch inputs to the phone. until recently if you broke this glass digitizer there were no options for repair except warranty.
since the digitizer is separate we can relatively cheaply repair a broken screen

i see that most major rebuilders out their now include the htc arrive and will replace your screen for around $100 give or take.

i also see you can get new replacement digitizers / touch screen glass on the internet for between $30-$50 dollars depending on where you look.

has anybody tried replacing their screen with one of these replacement screens?

i read the Pbankey's tear down on here, (which is now a sticky) but it only goes into detail as far as getting to the SD card and i'm trying to figure out whether i want to tackle my cracked glass myself or send it out to a repair facility

there is one post on xda that talks about replacing the glass, but the instructions and results seemed less than optimal

any one up to speed on this topic ?

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