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Mango quirks - Do you have any?

I've noticed a few hiccups in Mango and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced these problems.

1. I have two linked inboxes. When I get a new email and click into them, and 85% of the time all emails flash like they're loading again at least two times before they stop and I can click on something.

2. When I click on the search button, before Mango, it went immediately. Nowit sits for a few seconds. Sometimes between 5-10 seconds. It's very irritating.

3. Quite often in texting, the first letter will not be capitalized and I have to backspace in order for it to capitalize the first letter. It doesn't doit all the time though. And sometimes in text boxes in IE, it just won't capitalize it at all and I have to force it.

4. Sometimes it’s just generally slower than the previous version.

I know there is more, but I’m trying to repeat these as my memoryserves. I’ll update with more. Anyone else have these issues?

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