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Re: [FINAL] OMJ's HTC EVO 2.3.3 Custom ROMs | GingerBread 4.24.651.1 | *Updated 7/2/1

Originally Posted by Riley View Post
Sorry Dave I missed this and will try to help. But first, are you using amon recovery or Clockwork? I would suggest using amon rA. Also you should flash roms through recovery, not fastboot. you can use rom manager to "flash alt recovery" which will get to amon so it's pretty easy. Anyway, feel free to pm or post again and I can try to assist.


Thanks.. I ended up getting it working.

The only thing that's not working on it right now is MMS and also Voicemail... I tried installing the visual voicemail apk but it appears Sprint is having an issue with creating the voicemail. I get android messages basically stating it cannot open voicemail to load to the phone.

Any one have this issue?

Also MMS won't allow images to come through in the messages.

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