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Re: WHAT IS BETTER? iPhone 4S or Droid Photon!?

Well, I'm leaning towards the Droid . It seems to be a more reliable phone, it's a little cheaper, I like having an external storage card, and's not Apple. I've heard that Apple is kind of like "big brother" watching over you. I like the bigger screen, despite it being a little heavier...and even though I won't be able to use SIRI (voice software on iPhone), I see that the droid has a similar app you can download.

Lastly, the only thing I'm not sure about is which phone is more stable. I will have this phone for 2 years, and so I've read that you get more updates from Apple, but I want the phone that will (in a year or two) still be kicking ass. And, for some reason, my "gut" is telling me that will be the Droid Photon (as opposed to the iPhone 4S) but I'm not really going off of any hard, cold facts.

Feel free to comment!

P.S. "smilies" are fun to use.
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