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Re: |ROM|¯`·.¸¸.- Energy -.¸¸.·´¯ * |July 4| 21916|29022 * Sense 2021 + flavors

Originally Posted by jmana View Post
I need some urgent help, I sold a TP 2 with the Energy Rom on it at Ebay, and the guy that bought it has no tech skills at all, and cannot get Sprint to activate it on his account. I am thinking he is going to have to revert back to the Sprint Rom to activate the phone, but I need a set of super simple steps for him to take to do this, or some super simple steps for him to take to get it activated using the Energy Rom. I have already tried helping him as much as I could, but he keeps saying all the Sprint people he talks to don't know how to do it. Please help!
Sounds like they will need to reflash to a Stock Sprint ROM, you should be able to find one in this forum - search Sprint Stock ROM. after they reflash to stock they may have to relock the phone - search relocking touch pro 2 CDMA and you should find info on how to do this.

Hope this helps.
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