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Re: iPhone 4S on SPRINT - Questions...

I'm also stuck trying to decide if I should trade in my EVO 4G for the 4S. I'm not THAT anti-Apple, but you can't deny that they have sold so many for a good reason. The one thing I really don't like about my 4G and the new Androids is that they are too damn big! I have always felt that the iPhone was a better sized phone, and now that the 4S has a SIM card, it's an added attraction for overseas travel. I tried all the flashing of roms and so forth but found I aint such a tweeker after all. I'd rather just stick with something basic that works. The one think I may miss is all the hacked (i.e., free) Android apps I can get w/o paying.
Still confused and undecided, however!!!
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