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Re: iPhone 4S on SPRINT - Questions...

Originally Posted by eman View Post
Why would anyone think about jumping ship just because of Siri. Let's take away that Android has already had voice control for who knows how long now, how often do you really see yourself using it? Sure it might be fun when you are sitting by yourself and no one is around and you want to ask some stupid questions, but are you really going to talk to your phone when you are around people.....

Androids Voice Search, while not interactive can pretty much do everything that Siri can. One thing I do use Voice Search for is for navigation. It is great to tell it where you want to go and it will bring up navigation. Try that on an iPhone 4S. Hope you don't need spoken turn by turn directions. lol
I wouldnt and I use a different VOICE CONTROL program that IS interactive like SIRI. a lot of people went to apple because of SIRI... I dont see why... I dont get going to a smaller screen, not 4g and other things missing.... I thought about it then thought again and realized my EVO is better
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