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Re: [BUILD] **Complete FroYo Bundle** FRX07.1 - Maintenance Release

Just noticed that android doesnt charge battery too well. It seems to not know that I'm charging it until about half a minute has passed. While plugged in, the orange charge led comes on, I turn off screen and leave while it charges. I come back in a hour or so and green LED so thinking that it is done charging, I turn screen on again, and battery is not fully charged. This happens everytime too so it wasn't just a fluke. I can fully charge android but I have to baby sit it and turn on screen every once in a while to remind it that it is still charging :S

Well I use WM full time still and android to play so the charging issue isn't too much for me, just pointing it out incase you weren't aware of this, didn't see it in the FAQ
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