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Re: Bring on the ROMS! (Psssst OMJ, you need this phone)

I sure hope we get a dedicated forum for the Samsung Galaxy S II. I had to leave Sprint and my precious EVO 3D running OMJ's ROM due to a major loss in cell phone tower signal where I could hardly make and take calls.
So, now I am with AT&T running their variant of the SG2.
Love the phone, hate the battery life, and am dying to get this bad boy fully rooted. Right now, there are numerous links on "How to root", but someone somewhere decided that this one program (SuperOneClick) was the way to go but unfortunately it does not work for all SG2 phones including mine!
So, OMJ, if you ever develop for the SG2, I will be forever grateful!
Right now, I am running GoEX Launcher with FancyWidget to get the same look as the screen shot above because I too miss Sense!
See ya around the forums...!
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