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Re: Tinkerbell's 21916 Apache Rom

When you say BL v2.05, Is that the number that shows up at the bottom of the screen in bootloader mode, because mine shows v1.00 on all 3 Apaches that I have. The phone that lost its radio is a Vogue XV6900. I tried a bunch of the radios and ROMs that are parts of the GPS ROM fix. So far, no go. I have gone from 6600 to 6700 to 6900 and back to 6700. I'm currently trying to create the best combination of apps and features for me, in PPCKitchen's BuildOS. Which is a great tool, BTW. I just wish it had some way of it letting me know how many things I can add before it will fail to compile. I have created a hundred bad combinations. That is one big drawback of the 6700. Not enough memory.
Thanks again. If it's safe to try your ROM with v1.00 I will give it a shot.

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