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Question WHAT? HOW? Reply

Originally Posted by eric12341 View Post
see here . I don't think feature phones or wm6.x could do any of that.
Multitasking? Have that. Even some feature phones have that.
Limited Tethering? I've got full tethering. Feature phones have that too.
Good browsing? Opera Mobile 10 is king and always will be. Even Android has that.
Applications? This is one thing they're ranking in, but it retains no reverse compatibility to the real WM applications we want to run. Then again, Apple OS has a large library of that. I'm a Windows Mobile fan and tweaker, and after having actually tried all these mobile operating systems stock on native hardware, I'd say Apple OS has numerous legs up on "windows mobile 7".
Ringtones? Even though I don't use the feature, WM6 users have been able to add their own ringtones since the "beginning of time".
Squares? You may be only able to put six buttons on a screen at a time, and not even be able to fit entire words, but I can read everything I need to without "toilet paper"ing my way through it.
Maps? See "Google maps for Windows Mobile".
Interface elegance? Elegant, maybe, useful - not really. In the feature phones I've played with, I felt like I was able to do more than Windows Mobile 7. I actually got bored and said, "is this all there is to do? that's all there is to it?".

Is there anything else?

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