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Re: [BUILD] **Complete FroYo Bundle** FRX07.1 - Maintenance Release

USB Mass Storage question:

I saw on the fixes page "USB Mass Storage only works if you partition your SD card (anyone want to write a guide to this?)."

I made my 4gb sd card have a 1gb and 3gb partition (both fat 32) with android on the 1gb section. Also WM sees both correctly. When I plug the phone into my usb port I get the prompts to turn on usb storage, but when I hit the button it just sits there spinning/thinking. After a min or two the turn on usb button reappears. My pc is running win7, but I doubt it is the PC having issues as the same function works on my nook color running cyanogenmod.

Can anyone give me a tip on getting the USB mass storage working?
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