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Re: Who Still Loves Their TP2?

Still love mine! Bought it on eBay new and activated it more than a year ago. I run stock 6.5 with Cookie's Home Tab 2.0. Yeah, it's sluggish, and I have to reset it a couple times a day...but for a business user, it does what I need.

Looked at the Evo when it came out, but resisted.

Looked at the Evo 3D, but resisted.

Looking at Samsung Epic 4G Touch, but will probably resist that as well.

Not sold on Android, and not sure about WM7. Need to connect to Outlook for calendar, contacts and tasks. Dropped it once or twice, but it still looks great and it just works! I keep it in a belt holster, nice and snug.

Hope I didn't jinx myself, but I'll keep it running for a while longer.
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