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Screen won't come back on???

Wondering if any of you had the following issue. Once my screen goes off, either by the proximity sensor, timer, or pressing the power button, I can not get the screen to come back on. Everything else works besides the screen, buttons light up, I can answer/redial/hang up calls using the talk and end buttons. I can't get the screen to come back unless I restart the phone. If I switch to Android, I do not have this problem, so I don't believe it's a hardware issue. I've hard reset the phone, task 29'ed, switched back to the Sprint Rom and reloaded energy. Nothing has helped so far. Googling this, it seems other people have experienced this, but I haven't found any answers yet. Are there Phone/Windows files that are unchanged from hard resets? If it helps, this problem started right after a drop where the battery popped out, so I'm assuming some type of file corruption somewhere. Any help is appreciated.
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