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Re: HTC Shipped Mango Roms Leak, Including The Verizon HTC Trophy

Originally Posted by eric12341 View Post
is beats audio built into the sound enhancer or no?
Not sure, Still kind of holding out till I get a new phone before I try it...

Originally Posted by JohnMcD348 View Post
Wow! Don't be so sensitive. I doubt I'd be any better with Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian or any of the other OS's out there on smartphones. I use Windows. I've been using it since I migrated to DOS3.0 on my 4.66/10Mhz Acer Xt, from my Commodore 64. I use MS mobile OS's also. Have been since Windows CE. What I find frustrating the most is the relative inability for a home user to truly, easily, sync the wanted data onto the newer WP7 PDA/Smartphones. Unlike dtrush, I never experienced the lack of sync only because I always used my computer to charge my devices so, every time I plugged mine in, it synced. Granted, I don't have a lot of constantly changing Contacts, Appointments, schedules. Mine mainly updated medical reference programs and such.

I would create documents on my phone or on my computer and they would sync without a problem. I have not been able to recreate that ease and ability with the new OS. Would it be any better if I were an Apple Mac user and using the iPhone platform also? Or, do they require the same steps to get information back and forth between the two? I don't know. If someone does, please educate me on it. I'd appreciate it.

Like I said in my original post on this, I just find it frustrating that a Windows 7 Professional computer does not easily sync with a Windows Phone 7 other than adding songs on your playlist. It should be so much more than that. Maybe with DLNA, when I upgrade to a newer computer they will communicate later. I'll wait and see. I think, now, if I could just get my Arrive unlocked so I could use the Windows Phone Device Manager, many, if not most, of my issues with the OS would be eliminated. Zune just doesn't do it for me.
I'm not being sensitive, I'm just stating the way it is. If your a Anroid fan, then sell you device and change over. Nothing personal but, there is too many Android fanboys trashing WP7, that I just gave up on the fact that that I am defending it. I'm actually shocked that Eric didn't comment on it.

I agree with you on the basics, I am also a person who started out on Dos 3.0 (I had Atari computers before my first 286 PC), and Windows 3.1 (windows 1 and 2 totaly sucked but for it's time, it was cool). I also had the first PocketPC 1.0 (Windows Portable) device and STILL HAVE IT (it's worthless on ebay). I have had every version of PocketPC, Windows Mobile. I have seen it every step of the way, so I am also a old timer when it comes to these devices.

There are some things that I miss from 6.5, like your saying, to be able to sync files(documents with out going to the cloud, this is pretty huge for me too) and some basic stuff, like file management (like the first one), Remote desktop, etc.

As I agree with you, and I am very passionate about it, I do not threaten to go to the others. My wife has a iPhone, my Sister has Android and I have played with them both. I stil can honestly say, I can not see the appeal of the iPhone.

Now you know how I stand on that one.

Let's keep this subject on track, the discussion of lacks of features or changing to something else is for a new thread, not about the leaked HTC roms with Mango final on them.

Originally Posted by GoodThings2Life View Post
It does do a lot more than that, but his point is that the way you're doing it is cumbersome for no good reason. I do fully understand your concerns, but they invalidated by the fact that everything you do with most of what you sync hits the cloud at some point anyway... especially where email is concerned.

The exact opposite of your argument is also true... it's more protected because if your house burns down or your computer crashes, you didn't just lose all your data.

So you give and take a little. If you're concerned about hackers, you use good passwords and never save or share them, but if you think it's safer on your PC than in the cloud, you've been misled. As for availability of the cloud, well, there you have a point, BUT the whole point of these devices is that it makes things available in an offline state as well... something that most of the other competitors don't make as easy.
You can give and take but, adding to the cloud makes things more complex for people. Why not make it easy for the customer???? Very simple, I have documents in my "My Documents" that I want to access/Edit on my phone. With 6.5, I could pretty much Check the files to sync, or move/copy them over to a folder in "My Documents", wow that is just so easy and no real security risks AT ALL (unless someone hacks your home computer). When I re-connect my phone, it syncs my data back, What is complex about this ?

Now the cloud, I need to open a web browser, log into a site, select "upload files" browse to one file (as most can't do batches of files) and repeat step by step over for each of the files. Then I also have to worry about the file on my PC is not updated, so after I work on it on my phone I have to re-download it to my computer. No true sync with my PC, maybe with the cloud but, not my PC.

Then I have to worry about a website indexing the content of the files for easier searching (now this can be abused for advertising and other used of the service is hacked), and worry about a password being not too strong.

As I partly agree, yes, if my home burns down, there is a very good chance I could lose my data, I take this risk but, if My house burns down, I could be in it and it would not really matter anyway.

I think forcing everything on the cloud should be an option, not manatory. I have a file on my PC, it's a pain in the ass to put it on my phone. I see this as a major step backwards.
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