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Re: HTC Shipped Mango Roms Leak, Including The Verizon HTC Trophy

Originally Posted by DavidinCT View Post
If there is just too many lacking things, just go to Android or iphoney if that is what you want. Dont threaten, just do it.
Wow! Don't be so sensitive. I doubt I'd be any better with Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian or any of the other OS's out there on smartphones. I use Windows. I've been using it since I migrated to DOS3.0 on my 4.66/10Mhz Acer Xt, from my Commodore 64. I use MS mobile OS's also. Have been since Windows CE. What I find frustrating the most is the relative inability for a home user to truly, easily, sync the wanted data onto the newer WP7 PDA/Smartphones. Unlike dtrush, I never experienced the lack of sync only because I always used my computer to charge my devices so, every time I plugged mine in, it synced. Granted, I don't have a lot of constantly changing Contacts, Appointments, schedules. Mine mainly updated medical reference programs and such.

I would create documents on my phone or on my computer and they would sync without a problem. I have not been able to recreate that ease and ability with the new OS. Would it be any better if I were an Apple Mac user and using the iPhone platform also? Or, do they require the same steps to get information back and forth between the two? I don't know. If someone does, please educate me on it. I'd appreciate it.

Like I said in my original post on this, I just find it frustrating that a Windows 7 Professional computer does not easily sync with a Windows Phone 7 other than adding songs on your playlist. It should be so much more than that. Maybe with DLNA, when I upgrade to a newer computer they will communicate later. I'll wait and see. I think, now, if I could just get my Arrive unlocked so I could use the Windows Phone Device Manager, many, if not most, of my issues with the OS would be eliminated. Zune just doesn't do it for me.