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Re: HTC Shipped Mango Roms Leak, Including The Verizon HTC Trophy

same here. Right now, I figure, if Sprint doesn't roll it out by October(ish), I'll probably end up going Apple or Droid. There's just too many things lacking right now for me. I like the phone and OS is nice, but it's lacking in many things. I'm hoping that Mango fixes that. The hidden WiFi is a glaring example.

I know, many of my issues with the OS are mainly due to my being "Old Fashioned". I don't want to have to jump through hoops to be able to do with my phone, many of the same things I've been able to do with my PDA's/Phones for the prior 10+ years. I like being able to have my contacts and schedules on my computer and having it sync with my phone when I plug it in and vice-verse. I don't like relying on "The Cloud" for this. I don't use an Enterprise server. I'm basically a Home user that does use it for my job (Health Care) mainly for reference software like Tarascon for my own uses. It's not something given to me by my employer. Part of my dislike for Clouding is that I don't like the idea of having to put my life completely online. Granted, my schedule is pretty boring. Work, On Call, Family Medical Appointments, School Schedule, Little League. Pretty boring. But, being online, leaves it open to hacking, fishing and other risks to being taken by others. And? What if I haveing a meeting setup with a Naked Midget with a fetish? I might need to put that into my schedule, do I need to make that a point to risk making it public knowledge? Really.

Seriously though, My only other big peeve is the inability to sync word files. I shouldn't have to load my notes to the clouds in order to get them on my phone. I would love to be able to use something like the Windows Mobile Device Center, but again, I have to jump through hoops to get my phone Unlocked so I can do simple things that should not be an issue.

I'll stop now before it starts to sound like a rant. I actually really do like the phone, it just doesn't sound like it all the time.