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Re: |ROM|`..- Energy -.. * |July 4| 21916|29022 * Sense 2021 + flavors

POWINMO - Thanks for noticing I tried my best to help, and thanks again for the reg edit.

Maybe you can give me some more guidance - I've created a boot animation (gif - using fireworks) problem is I notice the animation NRGZ has loaded in the latest ROM is only 86kb, my animation in around 700kb and no matter how much I compress it in fireworks in never gets below 350kb - also when I open NRGZ original animation in fireworks then save it as a gif animation making no changes to it, it ballons in size to 450kb.

If you know what I'm doing wrong or someone who might be able to help me I would really appreciate it.

Also (I've never made a cab file, so I don't know if this step is critical to the process)

I tried PM'ing Teradog and NRGZ with this info, but not sure if they ever got the PM since I just looked into my message sentbox to reference the info I sent them, and it reads 0 messages sent out.

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