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Originally Posted by teradog View Post
wow, been so long, thought u fixed it...
sorry just cant believe its not a hardware/usb issue. all but one of my tp2 replacements have been bad usb port, usually starts with charging issues. very intermittant @ 1st, some new usb cables working better (newer) than others.

id have 2 question ur tests... how long r u running a rom? 2 days? does the stock rom charge perfect for at least 24 hrs? if u wiggle usb/ ch positions a bunch, does the light go on& off?

summarize issue again plz

ppcfreak & swlaraut: thanks... would LOVE a 4.7" has to b the biggest yet right?
what ive been waiting 4. only question now for me is the app market!... hmmmm 1/4 million 4 droid & iPhone... & since M$ made 7 non bkward compatable... daaa, almost no apps!
No I didn't fix it went back to stock rom. But I did notice that when i flashed to the other roms it wouldn't even charge when off. The only way to charge was thru the pc. The stock rom charges fine tho.
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