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Re: |ROM|`..- Energy -.. * |July 4| 21916|29022 * Sense 2021 + flavors

Originally Posted by teradog View Post
You've now done much of what's outlined under "problems" in wiki.
A couple other notes...
Of the 32,000 posts just in this thread, it's no coincidence that typically if you're the only one reporting an issue... can be safe saying it's 99.99% chance it's on your end, not the ROM. But, still needs to be trouble shot for it to work for you.... I understand.

I'd DL & flash 3 diff Roms, Energy standard, any Cookie ROM & titanium. Test each of those for charging. It takes me less than 15 min to DL, unzip & burn a ROM. DO NOT INSTALL ANY CABS prior to testing the ROM, don't even change the page pool! In fact pull your SD card out for the entire process.

Good luck, let us know how that goes.

NEWS: ck home pg of ppcgeeks! [UPDATE] iPhone 5 going to Sprint!?!? T-Mobile Too!!

Also, Steve Jobs... iByeBye :>))

Ok I flashed a cookie, titanium and maxsense rom all from the first page and none charged. Thanks
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