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Re: 2x HTC EVO 3D Battery 1930mAh + Dock USB Charger $35 (normally 50)

I understand that and I plan on doing that but I have 2 extra wall chargers that came with my cheap generic batteries off ebay is this wall charger different? Since I am getting 2 batteries plus one charger from chichitec should I only charge those batteries in that specific charger or when I get them can I charge one in the charger that comes with the 2 red batteries and the other in my other wall charger or do you recommend not doing that? Thanks!

Originally Posted by Ruh View Post
you can charge the batteries while they are in your phone, i just suggest using the wall charger overnight to make sure they get an uninterrupted charge overnight. since doing my overnight wall charge my battery has been in my phone for a month or so now and only been charged via the phone.

just make sure before you use it the first time the battery charges overnight to include several hours after the charging indicator says the battery is full.
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