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Re: 2x HTC EVO 3D Battery 1930mAh + Dock USB Charger $35 (normally 50)

The ChiChi batteries have been working GREAT for me. The one major difference that I have noticed is that they seem to charge a lot faster than the OEM batteries. If you buy them my suggestion would be to first charge them on the a wall charger overnight and then put them in your phone. Then after that try to never let them go below 20% charge and absolutely never let them fully drain if you can help it at all. These batteries see regular data/text use from me and I have on several occasions put 12+ hrs into them (full day at work then going out) without a true need to top them off. It is usually a close call on those days, but my phone makes it.

Some other tips, set your phone up to push mail or sync every few hours, and set it so power save comes on at like 30%. I also have a brightness widget and I generally leave my phone at 0% brightness (brightness is a big battery killer) because while indoors that is more than enough for me. Disable wifi/4g/bt/etc when you aren't using them especially when it has to keep looking for service.
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