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Re: [HOW-TO] - - Flash a Rom or Radio and re-locking on your TP2 from the SD card

I am a fairly experienced flasher in the past. I have been using and Energy ROM on my TP2 for quite a while now, and now want to reflash the stock ROM. However, this is my new error message after I have synced, opened, accepted and get the splash screen on my phone:



The Update Utility cannot connect to your PDA Phone. Please check that
your USB cradle/cable is connected properly between the PC and your
PDA Phone.

Check the following:

1. The PDA Phone is connected to the USB cradle/cable.
2. The USB cradly/cable is connected to the PC.


Can someone help me? This is not only when I try to flash the stock ROM, but even my old ROM's give me this message.

I thought it might be the cable, but I am connected through activesync and am able to move files between my phone and computer.

Please help!

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