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Re: looking for something similar...

Originally Posted by AZTECHKA View Post
.. I can tell you that Windows phone 7 phones sync with Outlook locally...
The do? What am I missing? I've spent the better part of the day trying to figure out how to get my Outlook Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes to sync up since my Vogue digitizer died this morning. Now I've got Hotmail for the Calender and Contacts, Remember the Milk for my Tasks, and forget about Notes... and all my documents. Christ! What a nightmare. I setup Microsoft Live Mesh to sync my documents in their cloud only to find out it won't work with my office XP computer.

I ordered an Imagio on Ebay and I CAN NOT WAIT to get it so that I can return this toy and get back to work with WinMobile. Mobile Office doesn't even really exist anymore. This WP7 is huge disappointment and I think Microsoft has lost their ever loving mind! Hell the iPhone would be less trouble. I'm having flashbacks of mapping fields to CSV files with my Sharp Wizard!!!