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Re: [[Speed Improvements]] Brainstorming & Testing Thread!!

Mortal enemy? please. grow up.

sorry I will keep bringing up winmo as often as I need to. its my only point of reference for comparison. Nothing I can do about that.

the auto killer thing I got does PRECISELY that it modifies system settings and then thats it. the system "does its thing" from then on with the new settings.

I did not say direct control was silly the CONCEPT of direct control is silly since you by definition can not have it. unless you have a jack in the back of your head and can think code ?? it was intended as humor which clearly buzzed clear over your head.

"For your information, what logcat is looking at is everything. Providers, processes, apps, whatever-the-heck is run on boot. Everything."

and watch your tone with me. in case your not "getting" it yet that answer minus the attitude is EXACTLY what I asked for.

would it have been so hard to just give THAT as the answer instead of all your diatribe?

you are a very angry person. you really need to chill out and enjoy this instead of getting all nasty and steamy. won't do your health any good either.
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