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Re: [[Speed Improvements]] Brainstorming & Testing Thread!!

I have no idea why you have decided consciously or subconsciously that I am your enemy or something.

Direct control is silly. your only interface is that keyboard stylus and screen. You can't have direct control. everything you do has to by definition be through a proxy IE an app.

a task manager is just that. it shows me "whats running" thats it. nothing more. it does not really DO anything (though it will let me kill an app) its no different than 3 fingering your windows box and bringing up the task manager. thats all.

NOW if your recall windows task manager you have TWO windows their and they are different.

one including running apps and one includes "processes" which include a lot more than just running apps.

I am trying to understand if yours is this "other" part or just the same as what I am looking at already.

My question stands. I don't want to ask it again since I think that will just aggravate you more which is not something I want to do.

I will wait till you finish your toot and "try it" and see what happens then.

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