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Re: Gingerbread or Froyo

Originally Posted by arrrghhh View Post
Certainly not.

Gen.Y is just an application that basically runs HaRET.exe for you. This process is run very early, so it *seems* like a dual-boot solution. It's not really, but it works.

As for putting many builds on your SD card, you just need to separate them by folder and adjust the rel_path= setting in each startup.txt. For example, if you have a folder FRX07 on your SD, rel_path=FRX07. Add another build, folder name GRX0A - rel_path=GRX0A for that startup.txt. Make sense?
Yes, thank you so much. Another question though, I just downloaded FroYo and the .zip package I downloaded didn't come with a startup.txt file, so I substituted it with another startup.txt file from another package. When I run the HaRET file, it shows the loading screen and says "HaRET: Booting Linux..." but doesn't go past that screen. The loading bar fills up, but then it freezes. Since you're basically a super genius you must know how to solve this.
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