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Re: Titan (XV6800) will not charge batteries.

Thanks, ashamancurtis. This was definitely one of our first thoughts, so we purchased a new battery, in addition to the 3 we already had (two were previously new within a few months as well).

Another few reasons I suspect it's the phone and not these batteries:

* All batteries were really in the green before this happened (charging, staying good and charged for days of use, etc.) and it happened suddenly with all batteries.

* Since buying the cradle, we've been playing with charging them that way. they all maintain a near-full capacity charge even after weeks and weeks of sitting (throwing them on the cradle charger causes the LED to turn amber for a brief second, then quickly green). Though, this definitely isn't conclusive, as your info suggests.

* This phone simply stopped reporting any charge in any battery when this problem began. It never registers anything more than 0% charged for any battery (at any time whether charging or on battery power).

In any case, we shall test this Friday, as I will be receiving a new Mogul to throw the batteries in. I may also download that power app you pointed to--Many thanks for your time and consideration!
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