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Re: Reverse Software Update

Originally Posted by scrosler View Post
I dont recommend doing that because you will also have to revert the baseband to VC as well. Doing so will put you at an inferior firmware.

I dont know if you want to go this route but I have a custom ROM based on VD that allows for Infrastructure mode using the native hotspot like the old VC method.

Its up to you. If you really want to revert I have the image files from LG and will upload for you but if you are going to do all that you should try my custom CleanROM first.

Let me know your thoughts and I will help either way...

Ok I like custom ROMs but this is my wife's phone, so I need to keep it looking and operating as close as stock as possible. And so far I have not flashed a custom recovery or anything. I want to be able to get back to stock quickly and easily and am just not sure how to do this on the Optimus. I have the EVO 4G and it's a breeze. Right now If I have to bring the Optimus in for service, all I have to do is do a factory data wipe and they will never know anything was done, since the only thing to make it obvious is it having the Superuser app. Is there a easy way to go back to stock once I have installed a custom recovery and ROM?
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