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Re: Thinking about getting a Trophy

I use my phone quite a bit for internet and email. I have 7 emails that sync throughout the day. None of them are push though. I don't talk as much as you on the phone, but I do have some talk time on it. I usually can get through an entire day (8AM-12AM) without having to recharge, but sometimes I have to plug it in for 30 minutes or so.

I went from a LG Fathom to the HTC Trophy. I used the hardware keyboard a lot on the Fathom, but for text I used the onscreen. I was a little worried about just having an onscreen keyboard on the Trophy for long messages, but to my suprise, it seems easier to type on then the hardware keyboard on the Fathom. I can whip out emails in no time flat.

The internet is fairly fast on the phone, I would never thing of getting 4G (especially due to the battery life of 4G). Usually I get around 600kbs or more, but lately Verizon in our area has been sucking it up BIG TIME and I've only be getting dial-up speeds (34kbs). It has nothing to do with the phone though because everyone is complaing about it around here. My wife's droid is also slow.
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