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Re: Samsung Epic Gingerbread 2.3.3 Overclocked!!!!

Originally Posted by darren.wlsn1 View Post
lol, 1300 is slower than my other epic im using (1400) but it has uv running so its a little slower at times but no heat issues unless im tethered (wifi) and charging but the gb rom is very very fast.
I am also on the Bamboozled rom with the stock EF02 modem. I purchased Tegrak Overclock Ultimate. Once you load the overclock module, you set your CPU max freq to 1.3. back out and select Optimization. from there you can tweak your phone up to 1.5 ghz. not stable at 1.5 though. I have had it stable with everything working, with the exception of app, at 1.488 ghz. Make sure you select ondemand. I had a benchmark using Quadrant standard of 3799. I am keeping it at 1.4 ghz for battery life. still really good IMO. stock gave me a 2200 bench.
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