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Pandora on Ozone, songs cut short problem SOLVED!

Ok so you snagged that Pandora cab for the Motorola Q9 and your trying to run it on your HTC Ozone, it installs fine and runs, but when your listening to music you realize it cuts the song short by, at minimum 30 seconds.

I've scrounged and found the answer thanks to iPollesion for finding the proper TCP Window setting and I have found the regedit that needs to be changed on the Ozone.

Now for the FIX:
1. Using your favorite Registry editing program (I use Resco Registry Editor that came with the 3V0 6.5 Rom for the Ozone)

2. Head over to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->Comm->TCPIP->Parms

3. Find "TcpWindowSize" it should have a DWORD value of 415030 (at least mine did)

4. Now edit that value and change it from 415030 to 98304

5. Save the setting and Exit out of the Reg. Editor
6. Soft Reset, and take Pandora out for a spin!

It should work, I had the original wm6.5 Rom on my Ozone and Pandora cut the songs then, I just found this regedit minutes ago and I'm on the 3V0 WM6.5 and it works perfect.

The only problem I found is that Pandora will freak out if you try and "Thumbs UP" or "Thumbs Down" a lot of songs. So if you can avoid that it will work just fine.

Also, I tested out Internet usability and it hasn't hampered my ability to browse using Mobile IE or Opera Mini.
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