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Re: Time to ante up on Sprint 4G

Originally Posted by teradog View Post
I've been getting + 2 mb speeds forever... key is... WHAT IS YOUR RECEPTION? How many -dBm?? It matters... and try in middle of night, see if it's better.

Here under the networking heading 1/2 way down in Jan, I reported 3 mbs speeds
DREAM PHONE - Mini guide :>)) updated startmenu remover cabs

Here's a post with a few speed tweeks..

Here's a speed test done on 3G Tp2... no... not wifi
site must have been screwed up :>))
#30273 6.7mbps with!!!

Don't want to turn OP's post into a 3G discussion, but he did mention 3G... one last thing..
Speed test results are ALL OVER THE BOARD!

What you are testing with & where & on what device...
If on the windows side of Sprint TP2,
ON TP2: (I just tested all of this again at the slowest time of the day here..)
I can use
Opera & get 600k, UC Browser & couldn't get a result... was too fast, largest file, UzardWebP & got 4.8 mbps

Using DSL reports:
mobile speed tests all over the board depending on the browser
You can run flash with UzardWebP, got 4.8 mbs... of course that's cheating.. runs flash on a host server like skyfire use to..
Got 3.3mbs on once with UC...

Some of the slower tests on Opera were 600k, however did see some 1.3 mbs

ON PC wifi hotspot/router: I use a dsl site close to me, years ago had some of the fastest results on dsl reports, used it ever since as my standard. This is the one I get 2.3-3.13 mpbs on.

When we talk speeds, 1st state if it's on your ppc or PC tethered... 2nd which browser, 3rd... which site you used.

ALL of the speeds above were taken 3G, no wifi...

If you in chicago, give me your test criteria Eric, I'll be happy to run it up here to compare. (site, file size, on ppc or pc, browser used, android or windows if ppc, etc.. (I have both xdandroid & windows on my ppc)

I use my HTC Arrive Mango IE9. the sites I use are (the 100k and 1MB tests) and the dslreports mobile test, I also have an app called bandwidth that I use too with various servers around the world.i only experience this issue in my hometown in the far north suburbs of Chicago rather than in Chicago itself. I also dont even experience these slow speeds in the county seat of my county,so imagine that. and we can't yet discuss 4G till 3G is back to working the way it was last year at least.
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