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Re: New Arrive Owner, Can't update Program Error Code 801811A5

Thanks. I'm going to wait till Mango comes out of Beta or is at least closer to being a full release before I look at installing it. I probably will upgrade the SD chip in it sometime if I stay with this phone for awhile. I had a bit of history with my TP2, being the 1st smart phone I owned, moving over from a PDA and separate phone prior.

Right now the 16Gb card is plenty for me, but if I stick with this one fore awhile, it will eventually be outgrown. I looked back and didn't ever go any bigger than a total of 6gb on my Axim and iPAQs and only had a 4gb card in my TP2 and still had lots of room on it. I'm not much for the whole media player aspects of the phone. I don't own an iPOD either. I probably will though, eventually.
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