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Re: [BUILD] **Complete FroYo Bundle** FRX07!!

Originally Posted by kcwebmonkey View Post
Rhod400, extracted contents of zip into a folder named FRX07, added my calibration and startup, ran haret and it freezes at this line no matter how many times i try to run haret:

cannot find '/system/bin/installd', disabling 'installd'
here's my startup:

set ramsize 0x10000000
set ramaddr 0x10000000
set mtype 2292
set KERNEL zImage
set initrd initrd.gz
set cmdline "lcd.density=240 msmvkeyb_toggle=off rel_path=FRX07 gsensor_axis=2,1,3 pm.sleep_mode=1 physkeyboard=rhod400" 
I have that problem when I have partitions on the SD card for playing with CWM builds. You need to add no_partitions to the set cmdline statement.
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